The Rhumb Diary is a travel and lifestyle blog run by international writer, Cam Hassard and I. I produce travel photography along with social media images and all graphic design-related content.

A journal of journey

A dossier of destination

The Rhumb Diary

‘Rhumb’ means ‘any of the 32 points of the compass’, and explorers once set their ship’s course via an imaginary Fibonacci-shaped route called a ‘Rhumb Line’

We’re HK and CH. Writers, photographers, souls in meat-bags rhumbing this Great Road Trip in tandem. This is our almanac: The Rhumb Diary – a journal of journey, a dossier of destination, a electric logbook of voyage and vibe. Currently under the spell of Berlin’s Disco Shaft, we eat, drink, and navigate this big ball o’ rock as a jolly duo – in style, and towards all 32 clicks of the compass. Rhumb along for the ride.